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Pathfinders and The Adventurers

Pathfinder Ministry

Have you ever dreamed of great Adventures? Longed to explore God’s beautiful creation? Want or need to learn about yourself, develop character
& leadership in a fun yet challenging environment? Longing for a deep and meaningful experience? So, what is Pathfinders? We are camp outs and exploring the great outdoors. We are drilling and marching. We are sharers
of our faith to the community. We are crafts and learning new life skills. Pathfinders are all that and more. We are here to help you, as a parent,
direct your child to a personal relationship with Christ; to cultivate the skills and leadership necessary to be an active, faithful church member; and to develop a life of service to their fellow man.

Purpose of Pathfinders
  • Lead its members into a growing, redemptive relationship with God.
  • Build its members into responsible, mature individuals.
  • Involve its members in active, selfless service.
  • Have LOTS OF FUN learning new skills indoors and outdoors
  • For kids grade 5-12th ( ages 10-17) (with teen leadership training)

To learn more, join or become involved in helping contact
Adam Smith, Director
call 970-535-9562 or email

Adventurer Ministry

The purpose of the Adventure Ministry is to support parents and caregivers
in leading and encouraging their children in a growing joyful love relationship with Jesus. We are parent based meaning lots of parent involvement to strengthen bonds and create fun, amazing memories. We love to do games, skits, crafts, and our curriculum, earn awards (like honors) and learn new skills. There is also an annual Adventure Fun Day!!!

Purpose of Adventurers
  • Assists parents in role they have as the child’s primary teacher and evangelizer
  • Providing an instructional curriculum for the child and parent, encouraging family enrichment
  • To support parents and caregivers as they seek to raise happy, healthy and committed children for Jesus
  • Children will, at their own level, commit their hearts and lives to Jesus
  • Children will gain a positive attitude toward the benefits, joys and responsibilities of living a Christian life.
  • For kiddos grade 1-4th (ages 6-9)